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King Corruption vs The Conceptual Heartland: Society(n), the EU Acquis Communautaire, and a Sound Conceptual Border Environment is a recitation of the Provider Payments rationale and plan. It contains key introductory and educational information that supports the programs and methods of Dr. Miroslaw Manicki in conjunction with the many countries that he has worked with in such efforts.

Methods-Based Management is an introductory text by Kenneth B. Tingey, PhD, that outlines the means by which full integration can be achieved.

The books can be purchased at Amazon here: King Corruption and Methods-Based Management.

A graduate level, post-MBA course of study has been developed by Dr. Tingey to provide guidance to managers and consultants in support of fluidity and organizational wisdom. The entire program of 2020 Vision has been laid out for training and education in order to support capacity development around the world in these areas.

Health finance based on deep context

The main task at this stage is to create uniform health services planning, purchasing and system monitoring methodologies. These should support continuous monitoring of benefit baskets, including cost and price setting. These challenging tasks can assure equity by providing access to rigorous standards-based services for the patients and equity in the form of standardized contracts for both public and private health care providers. Provisions of such contracts can be put into effect when needed due to a deep systemic understanding of the context of each person's conditions.