Standards-based finance

Financial professionals, whether in the employ of governments, not-for-profit, or private enterprises, are not in position to know whether a health intervention is appropriate or not. For that matter, this is a difficult proposition for professionals in the absence of data. The point of Provider Payments is to establish infrastructure to resolve this problem. The point of such a system is to support nuance and complexity rather than force simplicity onto the health and well-being of the people where needs are unique and must be applied in a timely and unique fashion.

Provider Payments thus combines its activity with that of data-driven, knowledge-driven process capacity based on standards of practice and allowed policy to match both of these in a timely, rational fashion to provide needed products and services based on the context of each situation while harboring resources based on an ongoing program of allocation and evaluation.

This is health finance based on a repeating planning process that regularly serves to evaluate both science and finance as changes occur. This is referred to as the E-CascadeTM program of planning and implementation.