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Centrality of industry actors

Implementation of social health insurance models totally changes the decision making landscape by delegating purchasing power to the community. To make this happen, a not-for-profit organization with a board representing both community and the government is typically established to purchase health services and act on behalf of community The precision with which purchasing agencies identify, articulate and quantify value they create, while supporting a model for the consensus style reaching process they propose is of fundamental importance for long-term system growth.

What is a market?

In many cases, complex social and economic conditions result from an inability or unwillingness to face facts. By the same token, it is easy for principles to be only partially understood, resulting in big problems down the road. Markets are misunderstood for such reasons. As Adam Smith wrote, markets are for trade in goods and services. He did not say that something "good" is equivalent to the "absence of bad". Markets for good things can grow to untold lengths with little or no problem. If products and services exist to serve disease, they depend on the existence of disease in order to prosper. Thus, involved parties become proponents of the diseases even if they do not realize it. It is no wonder that health care costs are out of control!